Dungeon Deities logo on a white sun

Finally, the game you've been waiting for: Dungeon Deities. Show your friends that you're the cleverest, and create the most fiendish traps sure to kill all of them. Then, when you're done, enter their dungeons, traverse their depths, navigate their difficult puzzles and traps, and finally, find their wealth and steal the most precious treasures: Their orbs, leaving them unable to use special attacks (such as shooting fireballs) in the midst of their own expeditions, or leaving them without their most protective spells.

And all this chaos, deeply intertwined with the Conflict of Red and Blue Kingdom -- steal the orbs of the other team, to make sure your own kingdom finally regains control of Violet Land! King Red/Queen Blue will be grateful for all your help!

In Dungeon Deities, you buy tiles or items and create and build rooms and dungeons in your browser: There you plan the traps and try to keep your loot safe.

Download the client and traverse the dungeons of other players, gaining experience, battling enemies and solving puzzles to find their treasures.

Upcoming Beta!

Well, well, well. Long time no see. As usual with our posts. But this time everything will change. We promise to write more often. As usual in our posts. But enough about the past, let's have a look what the future of Dungeon Deities holds!


DevBlog: Overworld

We've added an Overworld to Dungeon Deities! Now, you can explore dangerous forests and more to try and find dungeons created by other players. Help NPCs out and you'll be rewarded with great information about those places - which you can use to equip just the right items and Orbs to steal the dungeon's loot for sure!


Your opinion is needed! – The search for a logo

We need your help to decide on a new logo for Dungeon Deities. We posted three of our favorites. Let us know which one you like best. Or maybe you have another idea?

Just try to give us your opinion on the forums, on twitter or on IndieDB.